Paintings by Peggy Murphy

EscalaWorks Paintings By Peggy Murphy


Putu Bonaz Sudiana, Bali

Made Duatmika, Bali

Betty Cheung and Tracy Wong, co-owners ArtJamming, Hong Kong


​​Peggy Murphy is a California native having resided in Marin County for over 20 years. In mid-2017, she leaped across the country to became a resident of Spring Island in the beautiful low country of South Carolina. 

Growing up in Ventura County, Peggy was inspired by her mom's love of painting.  "She painted beach scenes that were mesmerizing to me." This encouraged Peggy to take on painting and art appreciation throughout most of her life, and while studying with various artists, she was mostly self-taught.  

"I've been lucky to have traveled quite a bit and soaked in many museums and art galleries.  These became my inspiration."  Vuillard, Manet and Thiebaud are among her favorite and most influential of the masters.  Peggy has taken lessons with various California artists from impressionist, Stewart Kelly, landscape artist, Tim Horn to master realist, Charles Becker.

For three years, beginning in 2014, Peggy lived in Hong Kong, and traveled throughout much of Asia.  “I’ve had extensive time and limitless subjects to immerse in painting in Hong Kong.  Under the coaching of Hong Kong artist, Betty Cheung, I have pushed my painting to a whole new level.... painting big, without sketching and with lots of detail and realism per Betty's methods."   She returns annually for a month long painting immersion.

Peggy found a deep love for abstract art in Bali, being able to paint alongside Balinese abstractionist, Putu Bonuz Sudiana and expressionist Made Duatmika. In Hong Kong, Peggy was inspired by the color mastery of abstract artist Kim Robinson.

"I am drawn to subjects that capture beauty as well as the grit and patina of daily life. But ultimately the language is color... just the right color ... which enchants."